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I am a feminist because I believe women should be allowed to choose to wear whatever they like.
(at least when no uniforms for work/school apply)

I see/hear so many messages in the media telling us to wear clothes that look slimming, or look modest, or show off our womanly form, or don’t look trashy, or don’t look too ageing, or don’t look too childish. You will feel fabulous if you dress this way, or you will be a real woman if you dress that other way. So many conflicting messages. It is exhausting!

Did you ever notice how in the kids/teens aisle of clothing stores everything is so much more colourful and varied, whereas the adult section tends to be more emphasized with black, dark or earthy colours? What is this message saying to us? That when we grow up, we have to become ninjas or camouflage ourselves, to blend into the background and not stand out? Bah I say- bah!

My message also aims to reach out towards guys who like to wear feminine clothing, but get bullied or laughed at for doing so; because looking feminine is still something that can’t be taken seriously today.

Can we all not just wear what we like, and carry on with life?
It’s my body. It doesn’t belong to anyone else. I should be able to adorn it however I wish- at least in my free time.


(via lovelylor)